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Hard... ware choice : Your opinion


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Here is my second message on that forum.

I'd like to create my own NAS solution, and I think I'll go with that kind of hardware :

Cooler master elite 335U (5 x int 3,5"+2 x ext 3,5"+4 x ext 5,25") low price, if it is not a good box, I'll change it probably within next months

LC Power Lc600H (with 6x SATA connectors)

8 Gb RAM (non ECC, I'm not professional, I don't plan to overuse my conf) from crucial in PC3-10600 (1333)

CPU Intel G2030 : Its TDP is important, but for that kind of prices, I juste found it. Maybe within 1 year, I'll get to I3 or other socket 1155 CPU

MotherBord Asus P8H77-M-LE (micro ATX) with 6 SATA (2 x SATA 6Gb + 4 x SATA 3Gb) and some USB 3.0 and 2.0

If need additinal SATA cards, but not now ...


Wish It'll work fine with xpenology or with FreeNas in the case of ...


Would you have any recommandation ? Is there anything missing on youtr opinion ?

Is that kind of CPU adapted for a NAS solution on your mind ?


Would that be anough for XBMC server for instance ? (Or Plex solution, that I think it's less evolutive)




I have my own disks that I want to put on that server :

1 x 2,5" 500Gb that I'd like to use for storing the OS

2 x 3,5" 1 To (not similar HDDs)

2 x 3,5" 2 To (similar disks : WD)

1 x 2,5" 250 Gb

Some could be connected via USB for backing up (ie. : in the case I have some personal videos at home that I want to put on USB for family).


Thanks in advance



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Hello Pechi,


Thanks for your answer ... I hesitate between both : buyin n54l or creating my own.

The only thing I see is that for the price (~200€) is a solution that seems interesting, but when I have a look on a home-made solution, I think it'd be possible to create something more polyvalent if needed (converting videos on any format, using an HD XBMC solution, adding some functionnalities without overuse the server) and for a price just a little bit higher (my conf will cost ~260€).

The price seems not bad for the proliant n54l and allow compatibility with xpenology, but for how much time will it be enough ?

Is it possible to use that for streaming/transcoding 4K videos ?


If I create my own NAS with the config I indicated, It'll be possible for me to add a graphic card if needed for future, I'll be able to change the CPU in the future (with an i5 if my g2030 or g3220 seems becoming limited)...


That's the reason of my questions ...


For a pure NAS usage, I'm sure that n54l will be enough, but what for additional functionnalities ?


And why wouldn't you be confident in instalation on an home-made solution (based on intel CPU) ?


Thanks again,



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I built my own too:

SilverStone Precision PS07 (76e)

Corsair VS350 (4 SATA) (33e)

Asus E35M1-M pro (5 SATA / miniITX / AMD) (2nd-hand, found 75e)

3 WD Green 4TB

4GB RAM DDR3 (30e)


The ASUS Motherboard is passive, so it is a very quiet case. Nominal total power: 35W :smile:


However, i knew that i would not be powerful. So, totally ok for storage, or torrent download, but i do not use it for video converting. But i have a powerful desktop PC to do that before storing.


I am able to read from my mediacenter via CPL the Gravity BlueRay (1920x800) 10GB file without issue. I guess i can consider streaming being ok.


Very happy with my low-cost set-up.

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Hekki Flegarrec


Thx for your feedback...

You have no problem with standard functionnalities ?


I think, I'll take an home-made conf for installing my future NAS, sounds not too complex, and my current Proof of concept based on an old eeePc is a quite good demonstration (if I exclude problem of frozen or CPU usage at 100% during any ~complex operation).


Thx again,


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