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DELL Optiplex 790, reboot loop after fresh install


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Hello All,


I am trying to install dsm 6.1.x on Dell Optiplex 790 with the following Hardware specs.

Intel i5, 3.1GHz Quad Core


Integrated LAN
1TB SATA Hitachi



1. I followed JUN Tutorial step by step for a fresh build. Used correct VID/PID of each USB sticks. Used different serial numbers for x3615.

2. I get to the Install screen. After installation is complete message appears Restarting Disk Station. 

3. After first reboot, system keeps restarting after 15 to 20 seconds.


I tried following to resolve this issue.


1. Tried 4 x new USB sticks with 6.1 x3615 build.

2. Deleted partition from the HDD and tried fresh install with the separate USB sticks.

3. Installation on single Hitachi disk.

4. Installation on single Red WD disk.

5. I installed Ubuntu desktop to confirm there is no issue with the hardware, it did not restart and kept running. 


I have been reading the forum to find the resolution but have not come across concrete answer. I'd appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance.


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After several tries with the DSM & Dell790 with no success, I replaced Dell790 with the HP6300 SFF i5, 3470 with 4GB RAM and 4TB WD Red HD & Hitachi 1xTB.  

I tried x3561, 6.1 image following the tutorial using a new USB, a new serial number and another windows laptop. After first install error came up no HDD found. I checked the BIOS and update IDE to AHCI in the storage settings. 

Then restarted the process after cleaning up the partitions in the HDD. To my pain reboot loop started again. I am almost at the brink of giving up on XPEnology build. Never been as challenging as anything else.

Question: My host get's the same IP when I am trying to build the server. Do you think it might be causing the issue? Should assign fix IP to the DSM instead of DHCP enabled one?

Any help would be highly appreciated. I can provide the required information if any thing helps?


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Hi Polanskiman,


Many thanks for your reply. Anything particular I have to change in the BIOS settings? I did follow the tutorial and changed only the boot order and storage type. I had already updated the BIOS version to the latest available from the HP website.

Any possibility to get the boot logs without using the serial cable?

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@Toti I have also an DELL Optiplex 790 and I want to install DS3615xs


I make an usb stick with Jun's Mod V1.02b and I can see the computer in Synology Assistant, it starts with installation after a view steps it says it will reboot the system but than it stays in a reboot loop.


You see back the Jun's Mod V1.02b but after first reboot, system keeps restarting after 15 to 20 seconds., and again and again, the installation will not start.


I installed the latest BIOS A22 for the DELL Optiplex 790 but also no success.





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