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Booting xpenology from usb key in an eeepc asus


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I'm new here and I'm interested in testing xpenology before probably buying a syno ds solution (or a n54l dedicated ... ???). For beginning I tested it on a virtual box machine, but that's not significant enough, and I don't want to let my PC on all day and night. But that let me see UI and feel and look, and that seems really efficient, easy to use, etc.

Now, what I would like to do is : installing it on my old eeepc that I use rarely now. It has an atom n450 that should be enough for a nas solution (in testing period at least).


Here are my questions, wish someone here could help ... :

- Is there a way to install xpenology on a usb key (all the os on a usb key, not only booting from a usb key to install it after on an HDD) ?. Why I want that ? :

- Because I would like to keep my current system on my eeepc hdd (windows started edition) : I use it when I go on vacations for example

- Because, Even if I change the hdd, I'd like it to be used only for storing data and not for using system

- Because I'd like to keep my fast boot asus functionnality that allows to boot really quickly on a chromium browser and some other tools

- Would that configuration be enough on your opinion ? There's only 1Gb RAM and 1 HDD + 3 USB (so 1 for booting, and other for other usage, backing up, or for copying nas data on a external drive)

- Any recommandations ?


My eeepc is 1005pe :



Sorry for my poor english, I'm a french guy, and I'm not used to write message in english (at least not since some years), so if you need any details, please feel free to ask me, and if some things are not clear in my message also :smile:


I think that kind of distribution is really extraodinary !! I enjoy to think it exists, and forza xpenology !! (and synology !!! :smile: )


Thanks in advance,

Kind regards


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I tried it directly, and it worked quite fine ...

The Atom n450 is enough for being a nas cpu, but really not enough for managing videos via plex or video station.

I'll keep my eeepc as a second nas just for storing some shared folders (family documents, etc.), and I'll probably create my own NAS.


I think I'll go with that kind of hardware :

Cooler master elite 335U (5 x int 3,5"+2 x ext 3,5"+4 x ext 5,25") low price, if it is not a good box, I'll change it probably within next months

LC Power Lc600H (with 6x SATA connectors)

8 Gb RAM (non ECC, I'm not professional, I don't plan to overuse my conf) from crucial in PC3-10600 (1333)

CPU Intel G2030 : Its TDP is important, but for that kind of prices, I juste found it. Maybe within 1 year, I'll get to I3 or other socket 1155 CPU

MotherBord Asus P8H77-M-LE (micro ATX) with 6 SATA (2 x SATA 6Gb + 4 x SATA 3Gb) and some USB 3.0 and 2.0


Wish It'll work fine with xpenology or with FreeNas in the case of ...




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