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How to prepare the bootloader for update?

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I'm running DSM 6.1 and want to update to 6.2. I understand I need to update my bootloader, and my general question is what is the best method to do this?


One specific question is: I understand JUN'S LOADER v1.03a2 supports DS918p. My current configuration is DS3615xs. If I make all the necessary changes in the bootloader to reflect this change will is adversely affect my system?

If there is anything people think I should need to know or any alternative methods people can recommend I'd really appreciate to hear them...




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After digging a little more I've found that you cannot simply change the Model details on the Bootloader - each model has a specific .pat file at installation.


So looks like I have to reinstall my system and migrate all the old data over... fingers crossed...

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