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Dell Optiplex 980 (DSM6.1)- migrating disks from old DS211j (DSM 6.2)


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Hello all,


I have a real DS211j - over the years it has served me well but it's became painfully slow. When I started looking for an upgrade, I came upon this forum and found out about xpenology. Big "THANK YOU" to all the people involved in this project!


Next, I was able to successfully install DS 6.1 (DS3615xs) on an old Dell Optiplex 980 PC. I've used an empty HD that I had lying around for testing.


Now, I would like to bring my two HDs that are sitting in the 211j (with DSM 6.2) to the Optiplex box. I realize DSM 6.2 is not compatible with the 1.02b loader that I'm using. How do I make sure - what steps to take - that my disks are transferred to the new box and I don't loose any data? Please help.



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It works! With the 1.03 loader I was able to install DSM 6.2 on my test drive. Then I moved the 2 drives from my DS211j to Optiplex. The drives were recognized and "migrated" to DS3615, and all is working good.


The only issue I have with this setup is excessive fan noise. It seems the fan is always on a high setting. In the DSM settings under power management -> fan speed I only have one option: cooling mode. Is it possible to enable other modes? How do I do this?

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