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DSM 5.2 Stuck re-scanning disks

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Hi everyone.


So I've had a bit of a nightmare with my Xpenology and would welcome any advise to get things up and running again.


About 2 weeks ago my DSM wanted to data scrub. I left it going over night and the next day found errors. It transpired the system did an update during the scrub and rebooted itself. Sigh. I repaired the RAID, only it transpired a disk had become unhappy, so I bought a replacement. Whilst trying to track down which one was dead I noticed the SATA card on my windows 10 machine (I run Hyper-V) was using basic drivers, so I updated that and the drive re-appeared. 

Problem is when the disk reappeared, it screwed up the order of all the disks on my Hyper-V machine, so I had to remove them all, then re-add them. Now, 48 hours later (to the hour), my DSM is still sat at the error message below... re-scanning disks.


I have 22TB of available space (SHR so I have redundancy too) so there's a part of me that believes (hopes) it's just doing a pre OS scan and making sure everything is healthy. But 48 hours seems a long time to be sat at this screen with no signs of any other services. It's not showing up on my router, short of this image I wouldn't think it was doing anything.


Is it safe to turn off and on? Should i turn it off and on? 


Any help would be appreciated.




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