Issue with LAN graph monitor DSM WebUI

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Firstly I would like to apologize for my bad english ... 馃檭

Like says the topic's title, I have an issue with the LAN graph monitor on the DSM web interface. All the time it shows "0 KB/s" (even during a file transfer) :


I'm running a bare-metal XPEnology install, with the 6.1.7 version of DSM. (DS3615xs) I have 2 NIC, LAN1 and LAN2. The screen shows LAN2 graph, but I have the same issue with LAN1.

Of course, I edited the loader to add PID/VID/SN values, and mac1+mac2, in the correct order.

It's not really a relevant issue, but I have also a virtualized XPEnology (under Virtualbox), and the resource monitor works great. So I would like to understand the reasons of this.

Thanks in advance to people able to give me informations about this issue. 鈽猴笍

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Unfortunately, I'm unable to give you a clear answer, because from one day to the next, the monitors worked up...

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