My Xpennology Build With DS3617XS - Intel I5 8th gen

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Hi Everybody,


Thanks to Xpenology to cake that project real. 


I wish share my build specs with you.


It's based on un 8th gen processor and it was made for a Large capacity of storage.


Motherboard : Gigabyte B360M-HD3 (i must have 2 pci-e 16x slot for raid card and 10Gbps card)

Ram : 16Go 2666Mhz DDR4 - Ballistic

CPU : Intel I5-8400 3.4Ghz @ 4.0Ghz

Case : Fractal Design Node 804 with 2 HDD 3.5 add homemade mod (not very good visualy but work :) )

PSU : Antec High Current Gamer HCG-650W Gold PLUS

HDD : 12 x Seagate 3TB Desktop HDD 3.5" (Bought long time ago for 2 small server (main - backup)

Additional card 1 : LSI 9211-8i IT mode

Additional card 2 : Intel X550-T2 10Gbps

Fan : 6x Noctual NF-S12B Redux PWM


Here some photos of the build


Thanks for watching


and i'm so sorry for my poor English i'm from France :( 

Build - 1.jpg

Build - 2.jpg

Build - 3.jpeg

Build - 4.jpeg

Build - 5.jpg

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