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Hello everyone.
This is my first post, and i am not sure if i should be doing two topics or not... but here it goes.

I am new to Xpenology, it's awsome how some of you clever boys and girls managed to get this firmware running on normal hardware, Synology sure is a powerful beast and i never touched in one due to it being too expensive, but i can see how powerful they are now...

This being said, i am trying to find a solution where i can boot from my recently created iscsi drive, that contains a boot file, what i am trying to do is to create something like a diskless system where i can boot to an operating system if i need to.

also, i own an DL380E Gen8, this beast crashes as soon as i passthrough the p420 raid controller , so i am thinking about using another machine to run Xpenology , i am wondering if i should buy a new Raid controller, one that is more "compatible" with xpenology. what's your toughts?
Many thanks

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