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not able to see all disks in passthrough (hpgen8)


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so  , created a new esxi virtual

i boot from 6.1 synoboot.img loader created 1 extra virtual disk on my datastore, like 100GB for DSM soft , and apps

installed DSM succesfully, all is working fine


then i passthrough my  sata ahci , with 4 bays , all western digital


however, when i boot up synology, i only see 2 disks in passthrough, the ones in bay 3 and 4, disk number 3 and 4


so i think synology is confused about sata port mapping

the virtual disk and synoboot are also disk 1 and disk 2 , so therefore i am not seeing the drives in bay 1 and 2 ?


how can i fix this??


also tried this, from another topic, but doesnt help : set extra_args_3615='iommu=soft'

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i think it has todo with sataportmap ? in grub.cfg


my config is al follow, on PCIE slot, i attahed a new sata controller ,  2 port sata, with 1 SSD attached to it

so my ESXi 6.7 boots from microSDslot

on the SSD is my datastore, with 1 virtual disk 

so at this point, i see 2 disks in my xpenology, the synoboot disk and the virtual disk where DSM is installed on

then i add the Cougart 6 port sata controller from my HP gen 8, 4 bay slot, this controller was set in AHCI mode, not raid by hp

then i only see disk number from bay 3 and 4


how do i need to configure the sataportmap ? i tried 422 , but doesnt work?

also tried 62

because, i have attached the virtual disk and synoboot to a sata controller in esxi, this stands for 2

then the cougart is passhtrough , is 6 port , so 62 ?


but cant get the disks visible :'(

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OMFG , resolved it

attached the virtual disk and synoboot to IDE controller  master/slave

removed scsi and sata controller from the virtual machine, since not needed

now there is actually one sata controller attached to the virtual machine in passtrhough mode

booted synology; and BAM, all disks are there :)


now i can start configuring

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