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How to update/migrate from 5.2 to 6.1


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Well, running 5.2 for a while now in esxi

i have 1 virtual disk, (apps) and passthrough my sata controller vor 4 four sata disks on my HP gen8


now on 5.2 esxi, i boot ide controller master, synoboot 5.2 vmdk/image


first i started clean, so created a new 6.1 , 1 virtual disk, no passthrough ye

installed and working fine

then i reattach my passtrhough controller , but 6.1 doesnt see the disks, also enabled shr manally in syslinux, no change


so removed 6.1 virtual host


so edited 5.2 virtual host, changed ide controller master to new synoboot.img , 6.1 loader

then i boot up, i get the migrate option , keep data

but i am always in the same loop, after migrate is finished, on reboot, i get the same migrate option...


in the past i started 5.2 on baremetal, i think the full DSM cnfiguration is on that shr raid, does it mather? it seems that that DSM config is not updated when i do the migration

also, when 5.2 was started, all the disks, including virtual disk has the number 1 , i see that in my storage manager, also strange ? 

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it seems whenever  i start the loader jun 6.1 , 3651xs , it doesnt see the passthroughed disks were DSM 5.2 was installed on


in my 4 bay, i had 4  disks, 2 disks were in raid shr, with 5.2 on, that 2 extra disks just as basic, for temp files

when i start 6.1 , clean install, then i insert disk 3 in my bay, with temp files on, i have no issues, so i know passthrough is working


so i think i need to move the DSM sofware, from my 2 first basic raid , to a virtual disk

is that possible?

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