Tutorial: How to downgrade from 6.2 to 6.1 - Recovering a bricked system

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On 4/12/2019 at 2:22 PM, argate7 said:

I have the same problem with yours.


How did you managed to get all your data.


What is my case?

I had two hdds with data. The one was used to contain both the OS and some data. The other was used to contain personal data.

I'm using as suggested a blank hdd.

When i connect the blank and the hdd with personal data, i can see the contents of the hdd data.

 When i connect back the hdd with the old OS, i'm getting the recover process and after that the DSM is not working and is not accessible from the lan.


All the hdds you plug on the XPE contain OS data.  The reason why you can't boot up your XPE is that the update operation writed the wrong OS data on the hdds.

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On 12/6/2018 at 9:28 AM, Xeno said:

Got it working please ignore my post mod above


Can you share what you did to resolve? I'm seeing the same and can't see what I did wrong...



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13 hours ago, mxmx said:


Can you share what you did to resolve? I'm seeing the same and can't see what I did wrong...




Got it working. The "spare HDD" install needs to be a clean install rather than a migrate.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/25/2018 at 4:58 PM, Porkchop said:
  • Once you have your new, reflashed USB stick, unplug ALL drives from the motherboard. Make sure there are NO SATA interfaces connected.
  • Plug in your new, empty hard drive to the motherboard and boot from the USB stick. (You will need a keyboard for this step) The first option in the GRUB interface is what you are looking for. Put this blank hard drive on the first Sata port on your board.
  • Use http://find.synology.com or Synology Web Assistant to find your DSM. Or just scan the network.
  • Follow the steps and install DSM 6.1 from a PAT file. DO NOT INSTALL 6.2   I was installing 6.2.1 and update 6.. So didn't reinstall 6.2.2
  • Let Synology do its thing and eventually you will have a working 6.1.   (6.2.1 for me)
  • While the PC is ON, connect the drives to the motherboard (with you data on it). Under Storage Manager they will pop up and say Unused. In my case, they said 'not initialized'.
  • You might need to reboot, at this option. It took me some fiddling around, but eventually Synology will prompt you with a Recover Crashed Partition prompt. Click Yes. I rebooted and they came online. The system partition needed repairing but all shares and data came back after the reboot..
  • All of your data will appear, and Synology will automatically perform RAID scrubbing.  


Seemed to work - Thanks!! I've added the steps I took (or comments) in red above..

Unfortunately, I'm having to install my apps again - but no biggie. This is a Surveillance station box anyway!  :)



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I followed a similar procedure to get my system back up and running. 


My mobo had 8 SATA ports. I have 8 x 3 TB disks connected (RAID5, BTRFS). I was screwing around with the system and ended up bricking it trying to upgrade to the latest DSM.

The steps I took are:

1. Shut down machine

2. Unplug all HDDs

3. Plug in a single 120GB SSD to sata port 1

4. Basically re-install DSM 6.1.7 (which is what I had before I started), get it to a working state

5. Shut down machine

6. Attach disks to ports 2-8 

7. Boot up machine 

8. The array was detected and online'd, but in a 'degraded' state. It also said it had a crashed system partition on it - which I repaired.

(This is expected, beacuse I only plugged 7 of my 8 disks back in)

9. I hot-unpluged the 120GB SSD from step 3 and plugged in the last HDD - then initiated a RAID repair.


Everything back up & running now but obviously I lost all settings, apps, app customization etc but this is really simple to recover from (just reinstall apps, the data is there already)

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