Intel J3355 CPU

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Hi everybody,


I'm planning to do a new build of a xpenology server. The one I have right now is pretty good, works just as I want, but I can't let it 24/7 because of power usage.


I manly use it as a backup server and PLEX streaming. I'm using DS3615x.


My actual specs are: Intel Pentium G4560, MSI B250M PRO-VH, 4GB DDR4 Crucial RAM, 2x2TB HDs and a Corsair 450w PSU.


I was thinking about migrating to a AsRock J3355B-ITX (has a built-in Intel Celeron J3355 CPU). I have found one thread about this CPU in the forums, from a guy trying to get DS916+ loader working.


What do you guys think? Should I migrate or stay as things are?

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