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SSD Cache compatible ssd


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I'm trying to find information about SSD cache. I installed 2x128GB Kingston ssd and they are incompatible with ssd cache. I think there is a HCL for ssd cache but I can't find it. So here are my questions:


1.- Is there any HCL out there?

2.- Is it worth it?

3.- Someone has a ssd working that is not in the HCL?

4.- Is it possible to run a M.2 adapter, something like Synology's M2D17?

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22 hours ago, endormmc said:

4.- Is it possible to run a M.2 adapter, something like Synology's M2D17?


You did not say what type of Kingston drive you were trying to use.  If your drives are NVMe, they won't work on a baremetal installation. None of the currently supported XPEnology hardware options (DS3615xs, DS3617xs, DS916+) can support a NVMe drive. 


If you have a M.2 SATA drive, I'm pretty sure it would work.  M2D17 only provides M.2 SATA interfaces, so it will probably also work (but don't try to install NVMe devices into it).


Back to NVMe: I was able to make NVMe drives work under ESXi as physical RDM or virtualized (both options work).  See https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/12391-nvme-optimization-baremetal-to-esxi-report/?do=findComment&comment=88690

If you install this way, you should be able to use an NVMe drive as a SSD cache.


In my opinion, SSD cache is not worth the effort, expense or additional risk.


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