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Help needed - Terramaster F4-220


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Hi all,


Sorry to post, but I can't seem to get anywhere, I'm either doing something very wrong or missing some key information. Any help appreciated.


This is what I am doing.


1. download .img file https://mega.nz/#!XBoCzJya!Ip_nSniC2SWznA03VzOdeKwqqs8v-CbIMnUXPfB6nPo

2. edit the grub file and change the information as per the instructions

3. use win32diskimager to write the image to the pen drive

4. insert pen drive in to TerraMaster internal USB slot (where original one was)


I get the boot screen, then just a screen IMG_6413.thumb.JPG.730ec13ef879813a78306898913b364d.JPG


I have tried different .img files, 3516 and 916 without any joy, tried and extra.lzma files.


Not sure what to try next.


Thanks for any help in advance.


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Hi all,


Managed to get this working now!


Thanks for those who read the post. I have created a brief guide below that may help someone else, my problem was that the http://find.synology.com/ would not find my TerraMaster. Once I went to the web address of the TerraMaster (previously reserved on my router) I was able to continue the installation.


Good luck to those who are trying to do this.

Installing XPenology on to TerraMaster F4-220.pdf

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