Surveillance Station and Add License (Connection failed)

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Ive been running on xpenology for quite some time now, maybe 4 years or so.


I own 8 legitimate camera licenses that Ive acquired over the years as my setup has grown. I recently added some more cameras and now I can't add the license. I get:

Connection failed. Please check your network settings

This is a new error for me. I've never had problems before. Any ideas what's changed or if there is a solution?


  • version of Surveillance Station
  • Running on bare metal
  • DSM 6.1.6-15266 on DS3615xs model name
  • HP Microserver Gen 8 with an external 8-bay array.

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Hello! I had the same connection problem and I decided it as follows
1) I installed the old package  SS 7.x version, after rolled(downgrade) the purchased license, SS swearing that it can not connect, but the licenses are activated.
2) updated by regular means to the latest version of SS

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