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Dell R720XD 12 Bay for SSD raid 0 array


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I'm looking to purchase a 12-bay Dell R720XD Server with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 2.30GHz - 6 Core processors & 16GB RAM. it includes a H710. 

This system will primarily be my iSCSI data store for my VMware Cluster test lab.


I want speeds around 2000 read/write or higher if possible.


I plan on having:

8-10 drive sata SSD raid 0 array for my data store (may go with a raid 10)

2 drive raid 1 (backup target for my other xpenology system in case of catastrophic failure on that one)



My Question(s):

1. Has anyone gotten this system to work without major issues?

2. Can I use the h710 or should I look into an adaptec 1000-8i (or 2)

3. is there another card that will achieve the speeds I'm looking for? - Ive currently got an LSI card in my other machine but I do not like how the drive ordering doesn't function properly.

4. Are these speeds possible on this machine? Synology has the new high end flash storage servers I hope to mimic that with this system.



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The H700/710 would be just fine. It's running at 6g

Just remember, if you have a 12g drives, then change the card out. to support the 12g. It would just set you back about 1K for that card and some real dough for the Enterprise SSD that runs at 12g.


PS: If you run at that speed, go NFS don't get stuck with iSCSi, that's way too much work. New hardware run new tech. don't run old tech with new hardware.

And remember to drop in a dual 10/40gb fc.


Your Answers:

1. Flawless, even with an R510, H700

2. No, the H700 + is already overkill for what you want.

3. No. stick with Dell parts for Dell servers.

4.And beyond, it all depend on your rig. If you want Full Enterprise SSD capacity, then go with something like this.





Dual CPU Hexa 2.6 up.  Really not important. the work is in the RAM.

By the end, you will have 24 SSD drives outspeed the Synology.


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