XPEnology on Lenovo storcenter PX6-300d

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Just installed xpenology with dsm 6.1 (ds3615) with juns loader 1.02b on the PX6-300d (6 drive NAS).  Pretty straight forward using this guide to boot from usb.  

GUIDE: Customer OS on PX6-300D

1) Had to plug the USB in the back usb port.

2) Entered the PID/VID/SN and mac1 and mac2

3) also required to enter: SataPortMap=6


After that it booted right up and installed DSM with the synology assistant.  Working good so far with no issues and all 6 bays can be utilized.

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Hi Netrider

Did you try to install DSM right on the board flash? 

I've an idea to reflash my PX4-400D into Synology (main flash-drive has >1gb for booting), but it's terrible a little bit)


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Hi All,


I want to do the same, it's from 2016 that I'm trying. :)

Can you help me ?

Do you think is it possible to press DEL key with an USB keyboard and switch 1st Boot Device without using a serial cable ? because I don't have the cable and the port.

do you think is it possible to reflash the onboard memory (if not too small) and in case in future restore the LenovoEMCIomega firmware ?





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