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DS916+ Quad NIC - only 2 of 4 interfaces show up


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Hi All,


I installed the 916+ on bare metal a few days back and everything seems to work well except for my HP NC364T quad NIC which has Two Intel 82571EB chips. It uses the e1000e driver and each interface has a mac address, for which all are supplied in the GRUB boot cfg. "Ip addr" and dmesg both show all 4 interfaces, but only eth0 and eth1 are "up". Eth0 and eth1 are present in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ and I can create eth2 and eth3 in this folder, do a "ifconfig up" to bring the interfaces up and then they show up in DSM gui, and are useable. Upon reboot the entries in network-scripts are lost (eth2 and 3) and they no longer show up in the gui. I can create a script to automate this on every startup but figured I would check here for better solutions. Any ideas?


I used the 1.02b loader and my cpu is a i5 haswell, b85m-e mobo (realtek NIC is disabled in bios), 16gb ram.



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I have a question,  how do I change the default 169.x.x.x for LAN3 and LAN4 since now they come up using this fix? They are supposed to be DHCP, but neither one takes my 192.x.x.x subnet. Which config file is this under?

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