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Compatibility with Ryzen 1700?


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I too am a Xpenology noob... but I am decently familar with real Synology hardware and the OS. The icing on the cake is that I also run a R7 1700X system.


I don't know about installing it bare metal, but I was able to easily spin up a virtual machine running the Xpenology software and get it up and going in about 20 min.


I used the following youtube video:




Quite helpful. I used VMWare player, as it is free... but the setup is mostly the same. VMWare player made me set up a "new" disk instead of allowing me to target the

synoboot.vmdk file when initially creating the vm but after creation was finished I was able to edit the settings of that VM and remove the original drive, add a "new"

drive by pointing to the synoboot.vmdk file and then found out when trying to install the specific version of DSM manually, you'll need to create that second hard disk

for the Xpenology VM and attach it. Without a second volume, formatting the virtual disk station will fail when attempting to install DSM.



I guess the main point is, if I'm able to do it through a virtual machine running as a guest on my R7 1700X system with Win 10 as the local OS... you should have no issues

running it on bare metal. The same youtuber also has videos on installing baremetal.. you may find that video more helpful.

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