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Xpenology install on ESXI - How to passthrough drives?


I am planning to run xpenology on with the below hardware. I am a beginner with ESXI but want to virtualise the software so i can run various other VM's on the hardware.




Case: Silverstone DS380

PSU: SIlverstone 450W SFF

Motherboard: Supermicro X10SDV-TLN4F - 8 core Xeon Processor

Ram:  1 X 32GB ECC

HDD: 4 x 6tb  WD Red's for the xpenology volume

1x 256 SSD for a datastore to run the VM's OS

1x sandisk cruzer to boot esxi on the host


How can i pass through the 4 x WD red into the xpenology VM? Will i need A sata controller for ESXI to be able to see the drives in the VM?


Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated!



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You can either RDM passthrough your drives (where ESXi still has control of the chipset SATA controller) - see:



Or, you can pass through the chipset SATA controller to the VM (the drives then go with it). You may have to add it to ESXi's device map.  Read:



Also of note, with an 8-core processor, you will need to disable hyperthreading in your BIOS as DSM can only handle 8 CPU threads total.

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