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Using virtualized XPEnology as DVR server


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As the title says I am investigating using virtualized XPEnology as a DVR server.  I have HDHomeRun Prime CableCard network tuners and will be trying out an SPK for their record engine developed by a user on the HDHR forums.


My primary VM hosts are 2 x Supermicro X9SRL-F motherboards with E5-2650 CPU and 128GB RAM.  Storage in each host is 6 x 2TB HDD in RAID10 and 2 x 1TB HDD connected to an IBM M5015 (LSI 9260) controller.  Right now I am using ESXi 6.0 with the free Starwinds VSAN product to build a hyper converged VSAN for the two hosts.  The 1TB drives are local VM storage and the ~5TB RAID10 is shared back to the hosts via iSCSI from the Starwind VSAN for shared storage to support vSphere HA. 


I have a third ESXi host running on an X8SIL-F w/ X3470 CPU and 32GB RAM. It won't be part of the cluster due to the dissimilar CPU architecture, but I will use it as an emergency host for my core services if I have both main hosts down for some reason. I have plans for it to also host an as yet undetermined NAS to use as a backup target for my primary hosts, PCs/laptops, and general NAS duties.  My goal is for that VM to be my onsite backup and then back that up to an also undetermined cloud provider.  This may end up being XPEnology as well if I like it well enough.


So, my DVR XPEnology instance will be stored on the VSAN so I can enable HA for it.  Its storage will also be a VMDK on the VSAN storage and not passthrough hardware.  I figure that's ok if all its actually storing is recorded TV that will be backed up to my third host with a NAS that is using passthrough drives.


Oh, I am also toying with the idea of completely scraping my vSphere 6.0 deployment before I even finish everything and jump onto the XCP-ng/Xen Orchestra/HA-Lizard train.



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