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Hello everyone. 

Brand new on this forum and on playing with esxi.

I set up jun's loader and get two DSM 6.1 running.

Why two? I have a raid volume ( hardware, lsi) and want to secure there my pictures.

Regarding music and films , I dont care much loosing it , so a simple volume would be ok.

Not finding to do it with 1 DSM, I thought installing two, one with RAID volume and the other , the basic one.

The problem is that I see on the net the first one installed, and the second one ( installed with OVF) doesnot show up .

The MAC address for both is the same. I tried to enter a manual Mac one, but DSM replies error due to mac address being protected  ( dont recall the specific message).

What could I do?

Would there be an alternative by using only one DSM; and the Hardware RAID?

Thank you for any help or ideas.


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Why not just set up two different volumes within DSM?  Populate one with your RAIDed drives, and assign the other volume with non-RAID drive(s). 


I have roughly the same thing with my baremetal install.  

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Without editing the grub.cfg in the bootloader only a single XPE instance can be operated in a single network segment!


If you don't change the grub.cfg for at least the second instance (regardless wheter it's a second vm on the same/other host or baremetal in the same network)

you will cause a MAC collision, which will confuse your switch/router and result in unstable connections (if any at all!)


My 2nd XPE instance on the same ESXi host operates webstation and docker containers which are exposed to the internet.

If someone manages to exploit one of those services, the lost is limited to whatever is running on that system.



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Thanks guys, The idea of having only one dsm exposed to the internet is a benefit I was not thinking of. 

I found on this forum a comment naming a MAC address to use and did. It works now.

Thanks again

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