Slow read but good Writing after upgrade from DSM5 to 6

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I am using the latest DSM v6.1.6-15266 with Jun Loader latest. 
I recently did an upgrade from DSM5 with XpenologyBoot. Things were fine before...


I did a read/write test on LAN and noticed that my Writing  to the server was 420 Mbps and the Reading was 18Mbps!!! 


I do not know how to find the problem. Is it the loader? Is it a driver? Is it a DSM config?

Thanks for helping me.


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OK guys, I did a network reset using : sudo /usr/syno/sbin/synodsdefault --reset-config
However, it did not change a thing.
Then I decided to buy a new dual network card "IBM Intel PRO/1000 PT" and tested with it. It is working greatly.
I binded the 2 ports of this card and I reach 680Mbp reading and 750 Reading. Great.

My conclusion is that JunLoader has a problem with Realtek 8111C, PCIe Gb LAN controller on the Asus P5A SE2.



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