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Files in shared folder disappeared



Hi all,

for the second time in few months I noticed that an entire shared folder become empty without any reason.

No error in the log (I receive an email and a notification for every warning or error), no error in HDD. NOTHING.

This time i used the backup... but unfortunately the first time I LOST everything in another folder.

Can someone please help me to understand everything?

Thank you in advance

Senza nome.png

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If that happens again try to SSH in and see if the data is there first. Perhaps trying a reboot also might be useful.

Make sure data was not deleted by some user. Also check the recycle bins if enabled. Data usually doesn't just disappear without trace.

Run an extended S.M.A.R.T test on your HDDs.

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I connect via SSH every day (for managing files with WINSCP  on web home folder) and I'm the only active user (my wife don't like the server very much!). 


Another "strange" thing is that few days later a HDD suddently got broken without any trace (I do smart test every week and nothing was wrong). May it be related in some way?

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