Multiple minor issues

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Followed a guide to install 6.1.5 on VMWare workstation. Things install nice, runs nice. Purpose is to get an updated Surveillance station.
Installed the ds3615xs PAT + SS

I have a couple issues in SS.
It will nicely detect my 3 ONVIF cameras.
It will only test correctly one of them.

Looking at wireshark on the Ubuntu below the VMWare Workstation, I can see I get lots of duplicate outgoing packets on eth0. Any way to avoid that ?

Used a serial generator on the Internet, but it likely only gives me one of 1000 already used serial/mac combos. Changed VMWare to use same MAC address as the XPe.

The one camera I can add, will stay with status "Activating" until it finally writes disconnected. This one camera happens to be the one with ONVIF on port 80.

So do I need a valid serial number/MAC to even add the first 2 cameras ? Can I use the serial from my DS209 ? And why does it fail on the other cams ?

My DSM 5.x on VMWare has run nicely, but I need the new SS.

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