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no system disk or disk error when installing Xpenology HP xw8400

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Hi Guys,


I picked up some old hardware from my work, and I wanted to try out Xpenology on the system.  I'm running into a hiccup when trying to install it on an old HP xw8400 system.  I'm using a USB to install the DSM and using Rufus to write the .iso or .img file to the USB.  When I go to install it I'm greeted with a lovely "no system disk or disk error" message when I go to boot from the USB (The option is available under the boot menu).  I've scoured the BIOS settings, but I'm still unsure what the issue could be.  Following many attempts of different Rufus settings, and trying both the .iso and .img files created by JUN version 6.2 I'm still unable to get past that point.  I then tried a copy of UNRAID to see if it was an issue with the USB boot, but it loaded up just fine.  I also took the same .img file and used Rufus on the same exact USB I've been attempting the install with, and it worked without a hiccup on a Supermicro system that is from the same era (within 2 years of the HP workstation).


If someone has some knowledge of what has worked for them, or if there is a BIOS setting I'm missing please let me know.  I did see that there is a BIOS update, but according the release notes there isn't any changes made to booting or USB.  The latest build is 2010, and I have the 2008 version currently.



My system is

HP xw8400

2x xeon 5150


12 port LSI RAID Card

Quadro Graphics Card

14 Hard drives of various sizes ranging from 3, 2, and 1 TB in size (4 of which are plugged into the motherboard, but I tried with them plugged in and with them not)

Dual Redundant power supplies



Any help is appreciated!


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