VMM Wizard Fails - Failed to creator the cluster

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I've had to reinstall my DSM because of Bad sectors on a disk. I reinstalled the DSM by putting a new hard drive in and installing DSM to that (only drive present at the time)


Now when I try to install VMM im getting the error 'Failed to Create the Cluster', I'm using the correct MAC addresses for the Nics (theres 4), I've tried enabling open vswitch but I'm still getting the error.


I had VMM running perfectly before the reinstall  - will there be any rogue settings left on the other volumes that I have reinstalled on the system.


Any ideas?

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I've managed to solve this myself by completely reinstalling the loader (with a new serial), not sure if the serial number is attached to the old setup and was the problem.


I also updated the extra file in the loader so I'm not too sure which actions fixed it.

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