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Does XPENOLOGY send any data to Synology?



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XPENOLOGY? how do you define this, basicly "XPENOLOGY" is a DSM that is hacked in way to not recognize that it is not running on a original synology hardware, at least thats how it is now with juns loader and dsm 6.1 (afaik), it uses the original kernel and the whole dsm *.pat file, so its DSM you could say

when you set it up you will be asked to participate and send data, if you unchecked this option it will at least be less but i guess when you add plugins from synology or download updates there might be some data (SN?) 

also things like this can change with every update, as long as its covered with the conditions you signed off by using dsm they can extend the amount of data they transfer, as long as its within the laws in the country you use it, so you might read the small printed staff to see whats possible


if you want to be sure then block every internet traffic for the ip address of your dsm system and do udpates and packages install manually by downloading them with a browser and install them as file from your local network

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