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Which version dsm do i choose


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Hi all,


i have been browsing on this forum for a while.


which got me an update from 5.4 to 6.1.6


today i came across a post choosing out of ds3615xs, ds3617xs and ds916+


since my update was rolling at that moment, i didnt payed attention to it.


now when all is up and running on my 3615xs i'd like to ask the benefits of the other posibilities.


but since i cannot find the post again, i'd place this post.


i'm running dsm on a intel i3 530 on a gigabyte h55-ud3h mainboard.

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i3 530, 916+ wont even boot with that, 3617 is only beneficial if you have a 8+ core count so 3615 is best for your case (and most)

also, if needed you can upgrade to another verseion, usually settings will be kept and plugins usually will have to be reinstalled (in availible for the new version) but will work with the former settings

so its still possible to install 3617 later if you think you could profit from it, the data volume is never touched in these step so you keep all the data


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