Wanted to XPenology for a while

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Hi everyone.


It has been a real PIA trying to register on here recently but finally got in :)


I've been toying with the idea of building/buying a NAS for a few years.

I toyed with the VM installation of XPenology a couple of years ago and loved DSM, but the price of buying, and even building, has been off putting... but I couldn't really put it off any more. I have media I want to store, serve and keep safe from a central network location within the home. Building is the path I chose, and out of all the open source NAS operating systems, DSM had to be it.


Thanks for those that make it posisble, and the tutorial to install 6.1 was a breeze - worked first time like a charm.


Keep on keeping on.

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Sorry about the registration issue you had. The backend experienced some issues with the spam detection plugin and prevented people from registering. It's all fixed now.


Have fun.

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