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Volume crashed during expansion


Afternoon all, 

Anyone have any ideas on how to bring a volume back to life after a crash during drive expansion?

I'm using 5.2 on Hyper-V. I was adding a new hard drive, it got to about 10% then I lost power to the Hyper-V host. 
When my machine came back up it said it'd crashed. I didn't panic so much, it started an integrity check that took just over 24 hours. Once it completed it didn't come back to life.
I took the extra disk out, tried again, nothing.


When I reboot, I get:
"The system has detected one or more crashed storage spaces. Please check the following expansion units and hard disks are connected properly and functioning normally: [Disk 5, Disk 8, Disk 10, Disk 11].


When I got into Storage Manager I get:
"Unable to use this volume. The data in the volume may be crashed. Please try to back up the data before removing the volume."


I literally have no idea where to start. When I use my own account to SSH into the box it drops off immediately. I enabled my admin account and can now get into the box via Putty. My folder structure still exits in Volume1/@eaDir, but it literally is just the folder structure.


Any help would be massively appreciated. If there's any log files I need to provide, just say so!


Edit: SUDO apparently isn't installed. 

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You are in a minority using hyper v, so there may not be a lot of advice available. Have a search through the forum here and the synology forum for accessing raid via mounting in Ubuntu/mdadm, there is a tutorial. A lot could depend on your h-v setup, the controllers etc. Generally DSM/shr is quite good at recovering/reassembling raid but that would come up on the web interface and offer a file system check. The fact that your raid does not may be a sign that the data is lost, you might have to delete the volume and restore from backup :(

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