An alternative for VirtualHere USB over IP

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Hi all!


I'm looking for a replacement (alternative) for VirtualHere http://www.virtualhere.com/nas )

Feedbacks are good, but the greed didn't let the author to make a free version. Trial is limited by a single device and 10 days. (the second limitation is ridiculous)

And 49$ for time to time usage of a single device is not for me.


As I understand the USB over IP is already implemented in a best way in our DSM and it used for usb printer/scanner sharing and also for HASP sharing.


Do we have possibility to attach other devices with the build-in USB-over-IP? May be via console?


I also heard about few projects coming from Linux and OpenWRT, but it seems not stable enough.


If anybody have an experience with USB over IP in DSM, please, let me know.

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I don't know if it will answer your questions (DSM 6.1 with ESXI on HP N54L) , but I have 3 working use case :


- connection of a 3D printer on USB server to Octoprint in docker : I installed the DSM usbserial drivers from http://www.jadahl.com/ (in my case 6.1 bromollow version)

- USB drive on USB server : use of synology assistant to mount the drive in Windows 10 in my case


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Thanks, looks good,

but very limited with the amount of supported devices..


I'll try.

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