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help me for dsm 6.1 installation

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My system consists of:
motherboard: Asrock n68-gs3 ucc
2 GB of Memory ddr3-1333 corsair
2 HDD WD red WD10EFRX 1.0Tb
because the system is seen I had to
update extra.lzma to 4.7 but the system
it does not go beyond online recognition
when I install DSM crashes they are recognized
the network parameters but the installation on
the disks crashes because I fear that the system
believes that they are not present as seen by the photo



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This image concerns the same hardware but with xpenoboot 5.2.5967 that does not implement the dsm 5.2.5967 Update6

the same disks are regularly installed but I have to proceed with the realization of the volumes


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if the ahci driver does not work then it might need the sata_nv.ko but all sata_* drivers form the dms 6.1 synology kernel source do not work because of changes synology made

you can verify by booting a live linux and check about the drivers used with


lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver'


as far as i can find nForce 630a -> MCP68 -> ahci driver

(did you check bios that the sata ports are usind ahci - if there is any option)

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