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Clarifying: In upgrade from 6.0.2, should I use PAT 6.1.5?

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Apologies if this is asked before, searched forum and couldn't get answer...


I am upgrading my DSM 6.0.2 on baremetal to 6.1.x.  In following @Polanskima's advice here, he posts the links to the DL for PAT files, I am assuming I should take the latest - ie 6.1.5 , and this thread suggests at least one person got it working - can anyone confirm this or recommend a lower number version?  I'm using a (finicky) GIADA MB with Intel Celeron 1037U CPU - Thanks!




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Before you upgrade I would test your boot USB and the DSM installation on a spare HDD to make sure you have your vid/pid correct and your other hardware is compatible, disconnect the raid drives of course. Also a backup would be recommended.


When you boot with your 6.1 loader it will need the 'matching' DSM .pat file, which, if I recall right is 15047. When you run Syno assistant it will show the system version and  as migratable to that version. 

Install DSM 6.1- 15047 and then go through the various updates (control panel or manually) to get you to 6.1.5. If you try and install 6.1.5 with the 6.1 loader it will probably fail.

When you update DSM it 'writes back' to the boot USB the latest version files so the boot and on disk O/S are in synch 

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13 hours ago, rl77 said:

n following @Polanskima's advice here, he posts the links to the DL for PAT files,


you should follow guide below, its also for 6.0->6.1, as 6.1 does have less drivers available you should follow sbv3000 advice and try with a empty disk to see if the hardware works

imho you dont need to start with 6.1.(0), in my test installs lately i used 6.1.5 directly without problems, it will also update the usb flash drive when installing the newer version



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