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Been awhile, AMD and 1.02b upgrade from DS3615 to DS3617 ?


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Its been awhile since I hit these forums, and I realized today that it has been awhile since I last upgraded my current Xpenology box.


I'm currently running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 11 on a DS3615 image with (if I remember correctly) Jun v1.01 boot.


I'm now reading that the Jun 1.02b is a fairly stable upgrade for AMD based systems (AMD FX based system).


However, I'm noticing images for DS3617 based systems now. Can I upgrade my bootloader AND DS platform at the same time if I've been running DS3615 this whole time?


Is there any benefit of going from 3615 to 3617?


Thanks in advance guys,



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If you're running DS3615 successfully, there isn't much to gain from changing to the DS3617 image.


You can upgrade your loader by flashing a new USB drive with jun's 1.02b loader, setting your original aside just in case & don't forget to set the USB's vid & pid,


Sme AMD systems require C1E support to be disabled in the bios, so check yours

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