Photo station and Moments (DSM 6.2)

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Does Photo station and the new Moments (6.2 beta at the moment) leave the photos you drop into folders where you dropped them (and leave original name in place), and simply build up a file name / tag index in the back ground.


Remember some MP3 systems in the pat on another platform actually moved the mp3's which messed things up badly.


looking at feature, with my more disk space and consolidating everything onto my new XPenology this is a package I'm keen on exploring,



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In Photo Station, pictures are left in the folders you have created. File names are not changed, as far as I know. At least not in the instance I have installed.


I recommend you use DSM account system if Photo Station will be used only by DSM users. Else use the Photo Station account system. Spend time configuring Photo Station properly. It can be tricky and not all that user friendly but when it works it works.

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