Imposible installer 6.1 loader 1.02b HP Compaq 6000 pro

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Hello everyone, I have a hp compaq 6000 pro running with an xpenology 5.2 and trying to perform a clean installation with an xpnology 6.1 and it does not work for me. I have reviewed the vid and pid, the mac, even and installed Custom extra.lzma ramdisk. but I can not make it work. (black screen and "_" appears on the screen at the top.

Someone could help me.
Thank you

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If you are not seeing the grub menu, just a flashing cursor, it sounds like your boot device is not recognised. The 6.1 loader is uefi and regular boot format so check the bios carefully to make sure its correctly set for the usb device. Also disable other boot devices, try a different usb port, and also check the usb device emulation in bios (hdd/fdd/removeable etc)

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Hi Nevexo, found ok my problem is the bios and not compatible with kernel.

I had to update the bios and everything worked. Thank you very much for your help. Now I'm fighting with the phpvirtualbox that does not work for me. You got it?

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