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Intel D2700DC board without serial port doesn't boot past "Screen will stop... continue."


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I'm new to XPenology and trying it out on an Intel D2700DC mini-itx mainboard with an Atom D2700 processor and NM10 chipset. From what I read on the forum the Atom and chipset should work, however when booting the DS3615xs image it seems to get stuck on:


Screen will stop updating shortly, please open http://find.synology.com to continue.


I've left it for an hour or so and nothing happens, also no network activity. The same USB stick works fine on another machine.


Notable is that this board does not have a serial port, and that the next thing that should show is "early console in...". Could this be related? I think that without a serial port I'm also not able to see any kernel messages, right?


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you forgot to mention what loader and dsm version (6.0/6.1)you are using but with jun's loader you will see nothing past "Booting the kernel."'

after this you wait 2 minutes and try to find the system in network (i prefer the program synology assistant)

the nic is Intel 82574L, driver e1000 so it will work directly with juns loader


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Thanks for the help. This is indeed with Jun's v1.02b loader for DSM 6.1.

The problem is, I'm never even getting the "Booting the kernel." message. The last thing that is shown on the screen is "...open http://find.synology.com to continue."

I also checked the router, no IP.


I just tried XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 DS3615xs, and that boot up fine, and allows me to find the system on the network.


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No point in comparing with DSM 5.2. It's like comparing apples and oranges.


It's normal that you are not seeing "Booting the kernel." That's because you are booting in legacy mode (bios) or efi (don't remember which one it affects). Anyway it's just cosmetic. Nothing to worry about.


That NIC uses e1000e module. Try using IG-88 extra ramdisk:


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