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DSM acting really weird - services not starting

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I've got xpenology 5.2, latest update running on an HP Microserver. Its been running for years, but after a power loss a week ago its been running strangely. Most recently, a bunch of services have failed to start, including SMB and SSH, so although my data seems to be safe, I can't access it. The web GUI is accessible still. When I try to access the network settings, the interface tab just hangs.


I can access the command line directly with a local keyboard, but I'm getting constant console messages that it cant reach the update server which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. 


Two questions I guess, how can I turn off the error messages contaminating the console so I can troubleshoot - and once that's done, where should I start troubleshooting why the services aren't starting? If its easier, happy to reinstall DSM, but I've tried a new USB key and its the same, so I guess the problem is with the system partitions on the drives themselves. Is it possible to blow away the whole DSM and config and start again without losing data? 

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Sounds like some form of corruption to DSM, but not enough to cause a system repair warning.

There is a tutorial on how to access the DSM partitions here

You could look at deleting them and reinstalling.


Another approach (if you have a spare hdd) is with a 'clean install';


I've used this method to repair system partitions avoiding the ubuntu/mdadm process (because I am lazy :) )

1) Disconnect your raid drives

2) Connect spare HDD to SATA port 1

3) Install DSM 5.2, create admin user and server name matching live system, DONT create volume/raid, update service packs

4) Shutdown, reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 2-n

5) Boot, login, repair system partitions on raid, shutdown

6) Remove spare HDD and reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 1-n

7) Boot, repair packages etc

I've used this method several times and it works fine

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Ok, so I'm nearly there, but failing at the last step. Reinstalled DSM on a fresh (but tiny) HDD, and then restarted with:

Bay 1 - Temporary disk

Bays 2,3,4 - Original RAID array, excluding the first disk


Repaired the system partition of the three original disks, shutdown, and replace the temporary disk with the original disk 1.


When I power up, its pulling back the config from the first disk. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

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