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Scenario is that I use my always-on NAS as a surveillance station NAS (plus a music share, out of convenience). It was a DS216j but it wasnt powerful enough.


New box has a disk dedicated to the surveillance station footage (lets say disk 1)

Another for occasional remote Backups (disk 2). There are no Packages installed on this drive..

Another SolidState Disk for installed Apps and some VMs (disk 3).


I dont use Disk2 that much (just for occasional backups) and I don't want it always on. I am not convinced HDD hibernation is working as it runs warm (not hot) just warm - even when nothing is accessing it (29DegC)..


Can I do anything to get it to shut down properly - aside from removing the power cable until I need it? The previous backup disk failed (this is a RMA disk) and I don't want it to be 'on' if it's not required.. Would there be any effects of removing the power from the drive between DSM updates?





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If a drive is disconnected and reconnected after a DSM update, the system partition will show up as failed and you will need to repair it. Otherwise the volume should be ok. If its for backups, you could test it attached to a usb port with a caddy, it might sleep ok even if the other disks are working, you can set hibernation of external drives in control panel/power settings

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Thanks.. Aye, external is an option - though performance would obviously drop.. At least I'll be able to fully control utilisation and power though..

Don't think I have an external 3.5 caddy (only 2.5) so I'd need to order one..


I'm actually thinking of moving the drive to another NAS that I only switch on for test lab work.. That might be the best option! 


Thanks for the ideas!

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i'd add two things

- i'm not sure you can use a external (removable) disk as backup destination, when using things like rsync (like a backup destination in hyperbackup), but you will see a removable drive in a sbm/cifs network as a share and you can copy data to it (if thats enough)

- you can also define a internal sata port as esata, so that dsm is using it as removable disk, that way there is no dsm system on this disk and you can eject/unmount it in the gui like a usb drive and switch it off and on as you like

you can use a internal drive cage for this or use a esata backet that is connected to the internal sata port to have a hardware esata connector on the back of your nas (thats what i did to speed up backup)

you would have to change the synoinfo.conf for this

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I think you can use external USB as an rsync destination.. You're limited in what you can use (I wanted the files browsable anyway, so wasnt a problem) but it works.. At least I think it did when I tried it!  :)


Very interesting.. Will see if I can figure out how to set one of the drives (or more) as eSata, thanks!

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this video does a good job in explaining it,it should be possible to make any drive external, is just about getting the bit's right, internal drives don't need to be all in a row, you could just define one in the middle as external when you do the bin/hex math correct (but its easier to use the last as external)



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