10 gbit network card supported by dsm 6.1 loader 1.02b

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Hi all

I need now 10gbit network card for my 2 Xpenology Server HP gen 8 Xeon and DYI  Xeon

Which 10 gbit cards are supported out of the box with loader 1.02b?

thank you


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not directly


you can find a list of drivers in my extra.lzma extension thread, if you open juns's extra.lzma and compare it with the *.ko files (the name in the list are the names of the *.ko files) you can find out what jun supports directly, you can do the same with dsm itself to find out what synology supports directly

if you need a 10G driver, you can ask for it in my driver extension thread, as 10gbit is the "new normal" i will try to compile a driver as needed (as done lately for the cheap aquantia cards)


if you want to be "future proof" (if something like that is even possible) then you can go with cards/chipsets supported directly by dsm (as i have done in the past, i use BCM57840 based, bnx2x.ko and Tehuti based, tn40xx.ko - but there are more supported by dsm itself)




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I can confirm thant Intel X550-T2 with ds3617xs + Jun's loader 1.02b work without any software mod. Full Plug and Play for me.



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