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VMM question

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Hello folks!


I have read polanskiman tutorial but I cannot find any direct answer on my question.

I have run DS3615xs on a HP mainboard with Intel Duo Core processor and 8 GB RAM.

i want to run a windows XP or a windows 10 inside it with the Virtual Machine Manager.

i can install it and make a cluster etc.. but if i want to start it it say i have not enough memory at host??? i see it has enough..

i also try to rebuild quick a other machine with other machine hardware and all the same.. every time to low RAM..


Now i have read that the VMM will not work at all because you need a Sygnology Licence??


or what can i do to let run the virtual machine? Oh and i tried as wel the VirtualBox stuff etc but all the same *****.

and both mainboard support the Virtualisation and i enabled it in the BIOS as well


So can someone help me with this please!


Best Regards,



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