SSD Trim option missing

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I have a DSM 6.1.5 running on a LSI 9207-8i controller with 8 Samsung EVO 250gb SATA drives.  The raid group is a RAID10.  I have also tested with a single disk basic volume as well.I cannot see the tab that allows SSD trim to be enabled.  I was running in RAID6 prior, but rebuilt in RAID10.  I know the option was not allowed in RAID6, but I know it *used* to be configurable and could be enabled in DSM 5.2.  I upgraded from 5.2 to 6.1, so I do not know when it might have broken.  Does anyone else have a different experience?  What might I be missing?


*edit* Forgot to mention I am using the ds3615xs firmware if that matters.

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I am finding some information that indicates the LSI card may not like the Samsung 850 EVO drives and thus does not enable SSD trim functionality.  I was using another controller card prior to 6.1, I had forgotten that.  So, basically, I think I am SOL.

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