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Share file link transfer speed slow over WAN

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Hello all,


I have a bare-metal Xpenology DS3617xs, which I set it up using Jun's loader 1.02b. Diskstation is successfully running DSM 6.1.5-15254 and file system I am using is btrfs.


The problem I am noticing is on the file transfer from the browser remotely (via WAN). I only get max 200KBps file upload speed to the diskstation in filestation, nextcloud, Drive etc. If I use android app I am getting full 2MBps speed on upload speed. The download from browser and app is perfectly fine. It is just that I cannot upload in the server with full capacity from WAN. What might be the issue. Did anyone notice this kind of behavior? Can this be windows 10 issue?



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Hi bel,


I had the same problem last week. (and wrote a post about that).

I did a reset of my network settings only because i did not want to reset my all config.

My LAN was super slow (especially the reading, not the writing, which is a paradox).

I bought a dual LAN Intel Pro and installed it on my NAS. The problem seemed solved

I binded (link aggregation) the 2 LANs of my card to have great speed over my LAN.

This morning (and yesterday) I realised that instead of reading/writing at 700M I was around 350M. 

To be sure, i restarted my computer and redid the test : Same result. 
Then i restarted my NAS and ... booom... back to 700M.


I think, but I have no proof, that JunLoader and DSM6 have a network issue.




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