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N54L to Gen10 - Disk Swap?


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I'm running DSM 6 (6.1 I think) on my HP N54L, 3 x 4TB drives using SHR. If I buy a Gen10 microserver, is it as simple as putting in the usb boot drive, put the hard disks in the same order and everything will be as it was? I read this was the case with N54L -> Gen8, but the Gen8 is now out of stock everywhere. I need a microserver due to the location, there's not room for a tower server.


Will there be a noticeable performance upgrade over the N54L? I'm just running Plex and Synology SS.



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For anyone thats interested.


The migration from 54L to Gen10 was straight forward.


1. Create new boot image on new USB (Jun 1.03b - DS3617xs)

2. Transfer drives from 54L to Gen10 (same order as in 54L)

3. Insert boot USB into motherboard

4. Change BIOS to boot from USB and "UEFI with CSM module" = DISABLED and "Boot Mode" = Legacy only

5. Boot Gen10 and use Synology Assistant to find NAS

6. Was prompted to Migrate NAS, I used PAT file DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat

7. Create admin account and set-up Gen10 as needed


Not too concerned that I'm not running very latest DSM, more relieved the upgrade worked without a hitch.

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