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Slow read/write?


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Have now set up my n54l with XpEnonlogy and transfer over from my old nas (synkolgy ds213j) to my new (n54l with 3x3 TB in RAID5 and with the 2 GB frame included). It is linked by cable to the router both and both have gigabitenthernet but get a terribly bad transmission. 2.17 tb should take 2 days to carry over and check it on the traffic on the NAS that send, send it with about 5-7 mb / sec.


I have exactly the same configuration in both in settings.


Edit : It runs XpEnonlogy 4.2

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What software do you use for the transfer?

Direct transfer between the two units or by another computer?

The N54L is not the problem - I have transfer speeds around 100MByte/sec to and from my N54L, from a Windows computer.


I have my macbook pro between where i manage the transfer.

I use finder

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ok so let me get this right


your copying via SMB?


From one Synology to another THRU your macbook?


if so is your macbook connected via cable......AND Wireless?


is wireless taking priority? (whats your routing table look like?)

tried turning wireless off?



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