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How to configure more than 5 network cards ?


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I am working on a lab iscsi storage box, the project need to put out

a MASSIVE throughput using MPIO, so i am equipping the box with 8x1Gb network cards,

one is an intel 4 ports server nic, it is recognized and configured fine,

no modules issues, the other 4 nics are standard Realtek Pcie Gb nics,

Rtl8168 chipset, same as above, cards recognized so no driver issues.


So far everything is working well, but i found a very annoying issue:

Apparently Xpenology cant see more than 5 network cards,

it enable the 4 intel ports and one of the Rtl, but after that,

no more are displayed under the DSM network configuration tab.


I tryed to modify the grub.conf and increase the number of nics,

xpenology create the ifcfg-ethx under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

but they wont appear in the Dsm configurator, nor am i able to bring em online

thru the command line.


Any help ?

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