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Download folder full of weird files


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I don't know if this is related to XPEnology or Synology ...


- I've installed Cloudstation as the only package for my DSM and disabled everything else.

- I've connected it to my Windows 2008 Domain


So today i logged in, and found that my download folder contained 10-12 files with weird names like: "AHSJDHASZXC"

all of them 32 KB


I've also noticed that tons and tons of hackers are trying to login, but all of them gets perm banned... (all of them i hope)


anyone knows whats going on ?

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Thanks a lot for the link !


I just updated my 3810 to version 4 !


I'm pretty sure my DSM is not hijacked by bitcoin miners and such... i would notice the CPU spike.


Also, the network trafic to the DSM is so low, that i highly doubt anything is wrong.


was just wondering if someone else had noticed something similar.

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