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Proposed build; ESXi5.5 with LSI SAS card on passthrough?


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I'm currently running a HP Microserver N36L with Xpenology build of DSM 4.2. This was a replacement for my old Synology DS210j, as I needed more disks.

The HP build was a vast improvement over the DS210j in terms of performance, and has matched it in reliability. I've been very impressed, and have reccomended it to many people.


I'm now ready to move up a little, as I need more storage again.

My plan is to build an all-in-one solution that will run ESXi5.5. I want a VM for Xpenology, a couple of VM's for XBMC clients and a VM for a satellite tuner service.

For the Xpenology build, I have an LSI SAS controller card (MegaRAID SAS 8204ELP), which I will attempt to connect to a SAS expander backplane (with an LSI SASX28 chip) with 12x SATA drives attached. **I'm not yet sure if they card and expeander is compatible, but will soon find out**


Provided the SAS card and the expander are compatible, is it then possible to get the card to work with Xpenology? Or would I be better allowing ESXi to control the drives, and pass them through individually to the VM?


Thanks for now,


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